Go to the Collection Development Policies page in the Library website.

The list of Collection Development Policies can be found here: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/collprog/cdp/index.html

Collection Development Policies

Click on the Policy subject to be editied

Selected Collection Development Policy page

The page to be edited comes up in a new tab

OmniUpdate login - 1

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Last Updated link

OmniUpdate login - 2

If you forgot your OmniUpdate username or do not yet have an account contact LIBRARY-WEB-MANAGER@listserv.dartmouth.edu .

OmniUpdate login - 2

OmniUpdate (OU) editing interface - 1

Logging in will bring you to the page you'll be editing in OmniUpdate. You are in the "Staging" area. Changes you make can be saved, but will not be live until you Publish.

The file you are editing is in the "cdp" directory, which is inside the "collprog" directory. Note that the path to the file (1) mirrors the URL, in this case, http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/collprog/cdp/classcdp.html . To see all the filenames in the cdp directory click the folder icon at top left (2).

OmniUpdate (OU) editing interface - 2

Having the File Navigation Window open is usefull if you have more than one file to edit. If you click on a filename, that file will come up in the editing window.

OmniUpdate (OU) editing interface - 3

The top editing button is for the Page Title only. The second Edit button is for the body of the page.

OmniUpdate (OU) editing interface - 4

You are now in the OU wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor. To replace the existing text with the new template text, first select all and delete.

OmniUpdate (OU) editing interface - 5

You can now insert the CDP text by clicking the Snippet button on the toolbar.

OmniUpdate (OU) editing interface - 6: Inserting a Snippet

In the Snippets dialogue box, choose CMPG for Category (1) and Collection Development Policy Guidelines for Snippet (2). Click Insert (3).

Editing the snippet - 1

You now have the CDP Guidelines template text on your page.

(1) Instructions for inserting/replacing text: replace text in square brackets. FOR LINE BREAKS WITHIN A LIST SECTION USE SHIFT/RETURN (Mac), SHIFT/ENTER (PC). A FULL RETURN WILL CREATE A NEW LIST ITEM.

(2) "Boundaries" section has been replaced.

(3) Delete the bracketed instructions.

(4) Once all text has been entered click the SAVE button.


Editing the snippet - 2

Once your page is ready click "Publish" to send the new version of the file to the production (live) server.

Publishing the edited page

In the "Publish" box you can run a links check if you'd like. "Version Description" can be used to keep track of changes to files over time. OmniUpdate keeps a history of versions so ealier copies can be retrieved if needed. You can also use the "Schedule" tab if you want to publish the page at a later time. Click "Publish" send the file to the production (live) server.

Publishing the edited page

Coninuing to edit

You can then use the file navigator list to chose another file to edit.

Logging out

Or you can log out by hovering over your name until the "Logout" option appears.

If you have any questions or need help with OmniUpdate please email LIBRARY-WEB-MANAGER@listserv.dartmouth.edu